TOSHIPUMP, an expert in the manufacture of air pumps, provides its customers with reliable high-technology products on the basis of its proven industrial-intellectual properties (four patents and two design rights) and turn-key production facilities transferred from SHINMAYWA Industries in Japan.

Designed to address the difficulties inherent to previous models, the company's ASP-model air pump is of the linear traveling diaphragm electromagnetic pump type, and boasts a low noise level and enhanced durability.

Thanks to such technologies, the company has succeeded in earning the recognition of its customers, and is exporting its products to ten overseas countries including Japan, the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, the Ukraine, and Malaysia.

The company has obtained two patents in Korea (for an air-path converter and an air pump unit), been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and CE Certificate (TUV), and earned performance certification from the Small and Medium Business Administration for works commissioned by the government. As such, the company satisfies the requirements of its customers to the highest level.

Furthermore, the company has been elected as a venture capital, technologically innovative small business (INN-BIZ) as well as an administratively innovative small business.

The people at TOSHIPUMP will maintain their high level of commitment to R&D and innovation activities to provide the best, most reliable technologies and services for the customers' ultimate satisfaction.

As an environmentally aware business, TOSHIPUMP will continue to fulfill its responsibilities to the wider community