The moving parts which are consisted of an actuating rod supported by two special synthetic rubber diaphragms vibrate laterally and endure long-term continuous operation.

Compact and powerful

"TOSHI" air pumps employ two electromagnets,
one to the front, the other to the rear, which act upon permanent magnets,
provide well-balanced vibration
structure and function as compact but powerful device.

Low Noise
Top-notch minimized noise is realized by giving a priority to designing sound insulation of the pneumatic circuit and vibration system with case of aluminum die casting.
High efficiency
Operation is based upon the principle of electro-magnetic vibration which eliminates the need for mechanical vibration that minimizes power dissipation and maintains high efficiency.
smooth air flow
The exhaust rate is homogeneous and vibration is minimized, rherefore ideally suited for application requiring smooth air pressure and smooth air flow.
No necessity of lubrication
No lubrication is needed thanks to not having sliding part. Clean exhausted air is alwaysavailable.
Simply maintenance
maintenance-free operation is possible in long-term use but in case of broken diaphragm simple replacement is available due to component parts in cassette type.
All models adapt temperature protector. It precents the coil from damage caused by unusual increase of temperature.